Ten-year-old Ben, a Labrador-Collie cross, was terribly emaciated when he came into the care of the Mayhew Animal Home staff in London three months ago.

His owner, who contacted the charity and was described as someone in a “vulnerable situation”, was unable to provide the food and medical care Ben needed, and struggled to properly look after him. Ben, who was so weak his back legs kept simply collapsing under his scarce weight, was found to also have gut and digestion issues he was subsequently treated for.


As Ben slowly recovered, he was also scanned for a microchip. This led the Mayhew staff to learn not only Ben’s true age – as the owner, who had received him from a friend, believed him to be three years old – but also trace back to his original owner. As it turned out, the owner had died years before and Ben had been given away by his son. The Mayhew team suspects Ben has passed hands several times – but now, his recovery complete, he found what will hopefully be his last home. Reportedly, he especially enjoys walks and cuddles.

Ben’s new owner, Eileen Barker, said, “Ben is indeed quite lovely and has become an integral part of our family – the grandchildren adore him too!”Ben-16-1024x768

Gillian Notton, The Mayhew’s Head of Animal Welfare, said, “We are so glad that Ben has now fully recovered and that we were able to find him a loving forever home. At The Mayhew we help hundreds of people in crisis situations every year. We absolutely encourage people who are having problems looking after their pet to get in contact with us so we can see what we can do to help; we do not judge anyone and are here to help the animal.”

Images by The Mayhew Animal Home.



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