Join in with the launch of Capable Creatures’ ‘Let’s Bark Challenge’ on July 23, and help raise money to train Mental Health Assistance Dogs.

Imagine being panic-stricken at the thought of leaving your home or being plagued by suicidal thoughts and petrified that you might not be here tomorrow.

That was the life Lise Marron had following an assault in 2002, which left her with agonising nerve pain and mental health disabilities due to the injuries she sustained.

She trained her dog, Daithí, to walk by her right side to block anyone from accidentally touching her and aggravating her pain. He is also trained to seek her attention and help her refocus on the present when she becomes distressed.

One in four people experience a Mental Health Condition each year, and Lise and Janet Bache, both from Southampton, have now formed Capable Creatures to help train more assistance dogs and raise awareness.

Their launch event will premiere the ‘Let’s bark Challenge’ video. To take the challenge, video yourself barking, then upload it to social media, donate to and nominate someone else to take the challenge.

The event takes place on Saturday 23 July, from 11.30am to 2pm, in the Third Age Centre, 11 Cranbury Terrace, Southampton, SO14 0LH.

For more information about Capable Creatures please visit their website, Facebook or follow them on Twitter @Guides4DMind.


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