With summer in full swing, Dogs Trust are reminding people of the dangers of letting your pets overheat.

The charity will be hosting a family event at Hampstead Heath on 13 August to promote their message to London dog owners, while enjoying a fun filled day. The event will include a Dogs Trust branded ice cream van giving away free ice cream and iced treats for dogs supplied by Frozzys, free face painting, free balloon animals, free microchipping and activities and workshops for children.


Dogs Trust have also reiterated the precautions you should take to keep your dog safe and well on a hot day:

  1. Don’t excessively walk or exercise your dog
  2. Avoid walking your dog at the hottest times of the day – often morning or later in the evenings can be cooler
  3. Always take plenty of water with you when out with your dog
  4. Make sure the dog has shade to cool off in, either inside or when out
  5. Take your dog to the groomers and keep their fur clipped
  6. Dogs can get sun burned, especially white dogs or those with little hair, so try and keep them out of direct sun
  7. Think twice about any car trips with your dog – avoid congested roads or busy times of day when they could overheat in the car if you are caught up in traffic
  8. If driving with your dog plan your journey considering cooler times of the day and places to take breaks
  9. Don’t leave your dog in a car – as temperatures rise, dogs overheat quickly and leaving them for as little as 20 minutes could prove fatal

Event takes place at Hampstead Heath, Parliament Hill Bandstand, Nearest entrance off Highgate Road, NW5 1QR, between 11am and 4pm.


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