Paul Unsworth and Vanessa Unsworth are the husband and wife team behind exiting new dog playdate site, Mutty Mingle. The UK website can be found at, and aims to make meet ups between dogs and their owners a walk in the park.

Award-nominated business woman, Vanessa, and computer wizard, Paul, know that allowing dogs to play with each other can be an essential part of raising a well-balanced pet. They realised that arranging a playdate is the perfect solution to ensure quality time outdoors, when both owners have the availability.

Their new site, Mutty Mingle, gives owners the opportunity to chat, share photos, the best places for walks and arrange to meet other dog lovers in their area.

Vanessa Unsworth commented: “Dogs bring so much joy and love and they have the power to connect people. When we welcomed our gorgeous Quinn into the family last year we quickly realised that there were lots of people like ourselves; that have one dog but wanted them to spend quality time playing with others.

“The website is designed to make it easy for dog lovers to meet new people around them who feel the same way.”

Mutty Mingle works on the same principle as Facebook. Complete a free profile with information about you and your dog, including your location, before browsing through dogs and their owner’s profile to meet other dog owners in surrounding areas. The platform allows animal-lovers to keep their new friends up to date with latest adventures, as you grow your network of dog owners. Before setting up a playdate and sending invites out to other owners the check-in facility allows users to see who’s around in their nearest parks and send instant messages to connect.

For further information and the story behind Mutty Mingle please visit


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