A new smartphone app combines all a dog owner should need to know to improve the life of their pet.

Bauwow helps owners to find dog-friendly places to visit, vets, pet stores, dog walkers, trainers, groomers, pet photographers and more.

Features include My Care, a tool to help owners keep track of their dog’s vet and grooming visits, vaccinations and medical history and can even schedule in next appointments by syncing with your calendar. You can also set up your own doggie social petwork with dog owners in your area and arrange play dates.


Bauwow’s CEO and founder, Peter Curtis, says, “As devoted dog owners ourselves, we realised that there are lots of other dog owners like us who would leap at the chance to build a community and social life for their dog.”

Idea for the app came about when Peter, Giuseppe Migale and Andrea Arrigoni were walking their dog Tobia and realised that they needed away to easily arrange meet ups with other dog owners. As they also travelled quite a bit, they found it difficult to find places to stay and eat.


“We’ve worked hard to design a complete social app that is fun, engaging and puts our beloved canine friends at the centre. As every dog is different you can create your dog’s own profile with its own pack, its own medical history and doggy dates to favourite walks.”

The free app, which is compatible with Apple and Android phones, has already been downloaded five thousand times on Google Play with many positive reviews. It is also available to download from the App Store.


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