The technological advances in the pet world have made pet ownership a bit easier, especially for owners working long hours. Home cameras, timed treat toys and automated feeders are designed to help busy owners keep an eye on their pet, manage feeding times and worry less.

Unfortunately, relying on technology is not always best as users of the $149 Petnet SmartFeeder discovered when they received an email from Petnet informing them of an outage and urging them to “manually feed until we have resolved the issue”.

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This was met with complaints from some owners who were on holiday.

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One customer, Taryn Studer, told The Guardian, “This has sent me into a panic as I am a college student with multiple jobs and rely on this device to make sure he receives proper feedings and nutrition. I have had to arrange for friends to get keys from me at work if needed so he will get his food.”

Servers were said to be down for 10 hours and did not have redundancy backups. Petnet Support has reassured owners that its working on a fix for the problem so that this does not happen again: “Update: Building out a fix to keep your device in-sync while our servers are down.  We’ll be back up shortly.

“Support team has been going through all emails and voicemails and checking each individual customer to ensure you feeder has been fixed.”

Credit: The Guardian/Twitter


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