Photographer Edo Zollo is looking for people to become part of his latest project ‘A Man and his Dog’ which focuses on the human-animal bond. The project looks at the positive influences this bond has on both humans and animals and what happens after they loose their dog.

“I’m looking for individuals and couples who struggle in life and, thanks to their pets, they successfully overcome their difficulties, and how are they now coping with the loss of their loved pets,” says Edo.

Photographer Edo Zollo

This photography project will explore the real, human stories of people overcoming their difficulties with a dog. The London based photographer will interview people who have been directly affected by the loss of their dogs and create compelling portrait photographs based on these conversations.

“I have carried out a range of projects focusing on taboo subjects that may have negative reputations, in order to show another side to them,” says Edo. “My project ‘dangerous dogs and their owners’ focused on dogs deemed too dangerous by the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act.”

One of his most successful projects focused around people living with HIV and tackling the misconception of the disease.

“As my work has developed, I have become more interested in using photography to examine and challenge people’s perceptions of life, people and events around us. A photograph can be a powerful way to break down prejudices and change points of view, which is what I intend to achieve with the A Man and His Dog project.”

If you would like to find out more about this project and how you can be involved contact Edo on his website or via

Photo: Marley & Me (2008 film)


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