Over 4,000 dogs from 200 different breeds will be taking part to the Scottish Kennel Club Championship Dog Show. The show, one of the largest in the UK, will take place at the Royal Highland Showground, Ingliston, Edinburgh,  on 27-28 August.

The show will be an occasion to see rare native Scottish breeds, such as the Deerhound, Skye Terrier, Gordon Setter and Dandie Dinmont Terrier. All of these breeds are considered “vulnerable” by the Kennel Club, as their dwindling numbers put them at risk of disappearing entirely. Better known – and better faring – breeds, such as the West Highland White Terrier, Golden Retriever, Rough Collie and Shetland Sheepdog, will also be present.

Beth Harrison, Secretary of the Scottish Kennel Club, said, “The show is a huge celebration of man’s best friend and visitors will get to meet lots of wonderful dogs throughout the weekend, find out more about dog showing and the various activities they can get involved in with their own dog, and browse the many dog products on the trade stands. We are very excited to have Scruffts back with us again this year and we are also holding a demonstration of rally on the Saturday. On both days we will be holding Good Citizen Scheme bronze testing.

“Anyone thinking about getting a pedigree dog can come along and research their favourite breeds, as well as some of the lesser known breeds they may not even have heard of, and take the opportunity to meet the dogs themselves, which is definitely a favourite with families.”

The dogs won’t only be judged by their looks and temperament: obedience and agility competitions will be part of the show, so visitors can watch a range of events and find out more about the different activities that dogs can get involved in.

Further information on the show and the available activities can be found here.

Images by Diane Pearce.


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