English bull terrier Dudley is living a happy life with his family, Brendan and Karen, who adopted him on New Year’s Eve. But when he was found in the streets, the five-year-old was far from happy – suffering from a terrible eye infection, struggling to hear and with sore skin and paws.

DudleyDudley had clearly been suffering for quite some time, and it is believed he was once someone’s pet: he was good with commands, had clearly received some training and walked very well on a lead. It is likely that he was abandoned due to mounting vet bills, which is owner may have not been able to afford. Thankfully, Dudley was pulled out of the pound he found himself into by Hope Rescue, and received the treatment he desperately needed thanks to Blue Cross.

Lauren Chilton, Animal Welfare Assistant, said, “Dudley was a fantastic chap, super friendly and outgoing. We had another very nervous dog called Toffee at the time, and Dudley was a great walking buddy because he gave him loads of confidence. He was also great at break times in the team room and loved being the centre of attention. We tried to give him as much time in the team room, home room and offsite as possible because he was very depressed in his kennel and would just sit forlorn in his bed and not eat. So we are over the moon to see him in such an amazing home with owners that love him so much.”

Aside from loving him to bits, Brendan Burr and Karen Hallett are also experienced bull terrier owners.

“We do a lot of work with rescue bullies, and always keep our eye out for any with rescue charities,” Brendan said. “We had seen Dudley on the website, and kept checking on him.”

When tragedy struck and their own English bull terrier Indie died of cancer shortly before Christmas, the couple was devastated. Their heartbreak didn’t make them forget about Dudley, though, and they checked on him again to find out he was still up for adoption.

Brendan says, “He had had a couple of people enquire about him, but they never followed it through – we think his eye problems were probably putting people off. But we knew we couldn’t let him down.”dudley2

As it turned out, it was a match made in heaven.

Karen said, “He’s made us happy again and he’s brought us love. After losing Indie, it was really hard, but he’s really made us focus on something positive again. And he’s just so lovely, he loves cuddles – as soon as you walk through the door he just comes straight in for a cuddle, and loves to snuggle up on the sofa with us.”

When not cuddling, Dudley is busy promoting his breed through events organised by West Country Bullie Walks (WCBW), a charity dedicated to his breed.

“Most weekends we’re out with all the other English bull terriers in the group. He’s been on quite a few of those walks and loves all the dogs he meets, he’s so happy to meet any other dog or any new people,” said Karen. Between his newfound family and the friends he makes, it’s clear that Dudley will never walk alone again.

Images by Blue Cross.


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