Ralph was only five months old when he was rescued from a house in Sutton-in-Ashfield by an RSPCA inspector last February, but he already had suffered more injures than most dogs suffer in a lifetime. Poor Ralph had a fractured hind leg, three broken ribs and a fractured pelvis which had gone untreated for at least 10 days.

His rescuer, RSPCA inspector Sarah Burrows, said, “Poor Ralph was in such a bad way when I rescued him, he looked so sad. He was only five months old and he wasn’t using his back leg at all. We soon found that he had a number of injuries.”Ralph-after-220x300

Ralph required extensive treatment to recover, and sadly his damaged hind leg had to be amputated. While it has never been cleared how he sustained those injures, there is no doubt he was subject to terrible cruelty – for which his previous owners have been banned from keeping animals for life. Ralph, on the other hand, is a healthy young dog ready for his forever home: his missing leg does nothing to hold him back.

“Ralph had such a horrible start to his life and he would have been in so much pain with these injuries,”  Sarah said. “But today he is such a lovely dog and he absolutely loves getting cuddles from people. Considering what he went through, Ralph loves to be around people and he will make such a lovely family pet.”

Anyone interested in rehoming Ralph can contact the RSPCA on 01332 344620.

Images by RSPCA.


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