The RSPCA is appealing for information after a Saluki, who had recently given birth, was found whimpering at the fire exit of the charity’s branch in Rochdale. She had been thrown over the 7ft fence into the centre’s grounds.

Estimated to be between three and four-years-old, the Saluki bitch – who has now been named Sally – was found on Tuesday morning (24 August) at around 9.30am at the Roch Valley Animal Centre in Redcross Street.

The centre’s deputy manager, Chan Taylor, said, “She was launched over the 7ft fence which has barbed wire along one side. Luckily she missed that and didn’t break any bones.

“A member of staff found her whimpering by the fire exit and brought her inside.

“We checked her over and found she was producing milk so it is likely she recently gave birth to puppies.”

Despite being very frightened, Sally was in relatively good condition, but RSPCA staff are now concerned for her puppies.

“We would like to hear from anybody who may recognise this dog or know where she has come from or where her puppies may be,” a spokesperson said. “We would also like to hear from anybody who may have seen anything suspicious in the Redcross Street area on Tuesday when she was thrown over the fence.

“Anyone with information should call our cruelty line on 0300 1234 999.”

Sally has now been moved to another local RSPCA centre where she is being cared for by staff and volunteers.


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