Most dogs love playing with balls, but seven-month-old Lucky took it to another level when he swallowed a toy snooker ball whole. IMG_2050He was lucky as his name says: caught in the act by his owner Anita Dowman, from south London, he was immediately taken to the Croydon PDSA Pet Hospital.

Anita said, “Lucky is such a character – he’s into everything. I was in the front room with him, and he was playing with the little snooker balls – and then he just swallowed one right in front of me. I couldn’t believe it.”

She was to be surprised again, because an X-ray revealed that ball wasn’t the first and only he had swallowed: in his stomach sat a total of five snooker balls. It was a very dangerous situation, as they could have caused a fatal blockage.

Thankfully, prompt surgery removed the balls before they could cause harm, and Lucky was ready to go home the following day.

A set of snooker balls is far from the oddest things PDSA vets have had to remove from dogs’ stomaches. The list includes a Minion surprise from a chocolate egg, batteries, a kitchen sponge, and 22 hair bobbles – to prove that there’s nothing, or almost, that a dog won’t try to eat.

Images by PDSA.


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