When the staff of Playful Paws Pet Centre in Saskatoon, Canada, arrived to check on the dogs in their care on Saturday morning, they were met with a grim discovery: fourteen had died of heat exhaustion. It is believed that a malfunction in one of the roof top heating units occurred during the night, resulting with a rise in temperature in the kennel room the dogs were in. screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-12-03-52While the pet centre has expressed grief and apologised for the accident, many are questioning whether these dogs’ death was caused by negligence as well, as there was no staff left with the dogs through the night, leaving them unsupervised in the kennels.

Dogs are very vulnerable to heatstroke, which is why leaving a dog in a parked car in Spring or Summer can potentially prove fatal – even in only a few minutes. Despite years of campaigning to highlight the dangers of overheating, no summer goes by without casualties. The RSPCA has given out advice on how to help a dog trapped in a hot car, and on how to help a dog who’s displaying the symptoms of a heatstroke.


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