Karishma Walia, from Bangalore, India, was in talks with a bachelor over the possibility of arranging a marriage. However, the negotiation hit a brick wall when it became clear that the potential husband wasn’t willing to welcome Lucy, Karishma’s beloved dog, in his home.

The suitor tried multiple times to make her change her mind, suggesting that her love for dog might be just a “temporary phase” in her life – a statement Karishma rejected, along with the marriage proposal.


The screen of their conversation has since gone viral, gaining her support across the globe. According to an interview Karishma gave Buzzfeed, their differences over dogs were not the only concern she had regarding the arranged marriage.

“He would say things like ‘family should be a priority and not career’,” she said.

Among the many reactions on Twitter, one especially hit the nail in the head – allowing us to see this story as proof of the strong bond between people and their dogs and valid relationship advice at the same time.

Images by Karishma Walia.


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