When Niall Lester received a call about a dog on the loose, he headed straight out to try and catch the distressed pooch.

The Greyhound was found with a plastic bottle stuck over his head, but despite his predicament, the flighty dog seemed unwilling to be caught. Niall resorted to stalking and a rugby tackle to bring the confused dog to safety.


In the recent hot weather we have experienced, it’s worrying to think what would have happened, especially without access to water. After a bit of a struggle, the bottle was removed, and the friendly Greyhound, now named Einstein, came back with Niall to New Hope Animal Rescue, Kent.


Niall wrote on Facebook,

“Today’s random event….
Call about dog reported with plastic bottle on head. No one can catch.
Followed directions and after a stalk and a rugby tackle one very flighty confused boy caught. Bottle removed, which took some doing. Made friends…. and he’s back safe with us.
No microchip and skinny.
I’ve called him Einstein, he’s clearly a bright spark”


It was later discovered that Einstein came from a local place where the dogs were mistreated. He’s now secured a place at a rehoming centre and will hopefully find a new loving home soon.





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