Pets in the care of Blue Cross feature on The Real Pet Sounds albulm, a tribute record celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Beach Boys’ seminal Pet Sounds album.

To mark the 50th anniversary of Beach Boys seminal album Pet Sounds, pet charity Blue Cross has released its own light-hearted tribute titled Real Pet Sounds: an album consisting entirely of pet noises.

In 13 short sound clips – including Cats Not Me and Dog Only Knows – you can hear guinea pigs, cats, dogs and horses who are all in the charity’s care and hoping to find their forever homes. Homeless pets such as cats Autumn, Lizzie and Kenny, George the horse, rabbits Oscar and Rebel and a Guinea Pig litter named after The Beach Boys members Brian, Mike, Al and Bruce have all contributed their voices directly from Blue Cross rehoming centres.

The classic 60s album – which includes popular tracks Wouldn’t It Be Nice and God Only Knows – is currently being live toured around the world by Beach Boys co-founder Brian Wilson, and famously features sounds of Wilson’s own dogs Banana the Beagle and Louie the Weimaraner.

Alfie, standard schnauzer, chills with some of his favourite tracks after his contribution to the Real Pet Sounds
Alfie the Schnauzer chills with some of his favourite tracks after his contribution to the Real Pet Sounds

Laura Crofts, Centre Manager at Blue Cross rehoming centre in Burford says, “With this year marking the 50th anniversary of the Beach Boys’ album we thought this was the perfect opportunity to give a voice to some of the amazing pets we have ready to be rehomed at our Blue Cross rescue centres.

“As the track Here Today, Rehomed Tomorrow suggests, Blue Cross work hard to find as many loving new homes for pets as possible. We match the needs of each pet with potential new owners to find the best new homes for them. We care for so many wonderful pets that really deserve a second chance to find a happy home.”

Listen to the album online.


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