In a daring response to critics, Cockapoo owners from The Cockapoo Community have created a ‘Calendar girls’ inspired calendar for charity and to raise awareness for their beloved breed.

Founder of The Cockapoo Community Wendy Embisu Mulela (pictured below), said, “Around 12 months ago, and spurred on by an article in Dogs Today, in which I featured, regarding Cockapoos and whether they should become recognised by The Kennel Club, we decided to produce our own stance on the subject and came up with this!”

The popular crossbreed, between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle, is often referred to as a ‘designer breed’ and can be a victim of puppy farms, where they are over bred in appalling conditions. The group, who promote ethical and responsible ownership and breeding, want to tackle the negative publicity Cockapoos receive and hope to raise money to combat puppy farms.

January: Wendy (Enya) – Steve Smith Creative Portraits

Says Wendy, “The calendar features members of The Cockapoo Community, alongside their Cockapoos and gives the message loud and clear that we like our Cockapoos for being just as individual as we are.

“Featuring in the calendar are first crosses, known as F1’s up to 4th generation Cockapoos, F4. All very different, but all much loved and cherished by our members.”

June: Arlene (Harry); Denise (Benji); Karen (Cooper & Angus); Roz (Rufus) – Wullie Marr Photography

Owners from the highlands of Scotland down to the Isle of Wight got involved, representing Cockapoo owners across the UK. Profits from sale of the calendar will go towards three charities: Give a Dog a Bone, The Doodle Trust, and the Make a Wish charity.

March: Denise (Benji); Nicola (Bob); Gillian (Keeva); Sharon (Perry) at Loch Lubnaig, Scotland – Wullie Marr Photography

“Many of our ‘models’ have never done anything like this before, and we have members who have had mastectomies taking part and people who previously had a body image issue. Not anymore. To pose naked in front of a professional photographer is no mean feat. The whole experience has been cathartic for a lot of our members, who have been really brave.

October: Helen (Tilly) – Wullie Marr Photography

“The process has not been without problems, such as employers objecting and therefore people pulling out, but there is nothing to be ashamed of. This is a very tasteful calendar and a tribute to Cockapoos everywhere, and all for charity!”

July: Carole (Jenson); Helena ( Rusty and Teddy); Judith (Dexter); Louise (Rupert); Charlotte (Betty); Mandy ( Parker); Isle of Wight – Keith Johnson Photography

The Cockapoo Community Calendar is £10 and is available from here.

Main photo: April Sarah (Humphrey) –



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