It has now been 10 years since the Dogs Trust rehoming centre in Leeds opened on 27 September 2006, built entirely thanks to the generosity of supporters. Since then a staggering 11,510 dogs of all breeds were cared for and rehomed, and the centre’s staff is determined to keep up the good work.

Amanda Sands, Rehoming Centre Manager, says, “The support we have had has been incredible. Dogs so often find themselves homeless through no fault of their own, perhaps a relationship break up or sadly the death of an owner. Whatever the reason, they all deserve a second chance and even now after all this time and the thousands we have seen leave the centre with their new owners, tails wagging, it still tugs at the heart strings.”

To celebrate, the staff has put together a video featuring some of their past and present residents – including Uno, the very first dog rehomed by the centre, eight Labrador Cross puppies found dumped in two banana boxes and Wonky, the Staffie  with knuckled front legs due to contracted flexor tendons.

Amanda says, “It’s always wonderful to find that special someone for any dog but when they have had a really tough time, it is even more special. Without the support of the dog-loving public, our volunteers and everyone who supports our events, none of it would be possible so we’d like to say a huge thank you and if you’ve not managed to visit us yet, we can’t wait to see you!”


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