Remember Honey? The loveable one-year-old Dogue de Bordeaux cross who became paralysed and in need of a home after contracting lungworm, has found a forever home following a nationwide appeal.

Honey has spent the last year battling the potentially fatal parasitic disease, which she possibly contracted by eating a slug or snail. Cases of lungworm have been on the rise across the UK, spreading further than the traditional habitat in the south of England and Wales.

Honey survived but became paralysed and needed ongoing care. As a result her previous owners were forced to have over care of Honey to staff at Millenium Vets in Braintree, who oversaw the physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, and round the clock care to get Honey back on her feet and ready to find a permanent home.

A suitable owner has now been found after more than 1.3 million social media users viewed Honey’s story online, with thousands helping in the search to find an owner that could provide the additional care and support she needs. The appeal, which featured a campaign telling Honey’s remarkable story, was created by Bayer Animal Health, who run the Be Lungworm Aware initiative to educate pet owners on protecting against the parasite.

Honey’s new owner Anna Seymour (pictured with Honey above), a dog groomer from Chigwell says, “I was taken aback by reading Honey’s brave story and was positive she‘d fit into my family home. She has settled in really well and likes to play with our other pets. Adopting Honey was the best decision I have made, she is a fantastic companion and brings so much joy! Honey is loved by all my clients at my dog grooming salon and I absolutely love that I can take her to work with me.”

Honey being picked up from Millenium Vet Practice in Braintree with her new owner and dog friend, Paige
Honey being picked up from Millenium Vet Practice in Braintree with her new owner and dog friend, Paige

Steph Gowers, veterinary nurse at Millennium Vets in Braintree, says, “My colleague Hannah Bourn and I are overwhelmed with the amount of support received from people on social media and directly at the practice about Honey. We really couldn‘t have done this without the involvement of Bayer’s Be Lungworm Aware campaign and it is so important to warn other pet owners to protect their pets. Honey’s new pet parent Anna, is a great person and we can see how well Honey fits into her life. Although we’re going to miss Honey tremendously we couldn‘t be more pleased that she is happy and in a loving home.”

Dogs can become infected with lungworm after eating common garden slugs and snails, or potentially even after swallowing the slime of an infected slug. Once inside the dog’s system, the parasite travels through the body, eventually ending up in the heart. If the infection is left untreated, the dog’s health can rapidly deteriorate and can even result in death.

Caroline Braidwood, Marketing Manager at Bayer, adds, “A lungworm infection can cause major health problems in a dog, as we have seen with Honey, and in some cases may even be fatal. Sadly, we are seeing more and more cases reported across the country. Early detection and treatment can result in a full recovery, however, it is important to remember lungworm can be prevented through use of a monthly administered treatment. Honey has had an extraordinary journey and we are absolutely thrilled she has found her forever home with the right people who can give her the love and time she needs.”

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