As the National Black Dog Day (1 October) approaches, rescue and rehoming charity Forever Hounds Trust is appealing for people to consider giving a home to a black dog in need. Over half the dogs currently in the care of the Forever Hounds Trust are black,  and the charity has found that they spend 30 per cent more time in wait for a new home than other dogs. This is a problem many greyhound charities face, as about 70 per cent of greyhounds are black.

Emily Burns-Sweeney, Director of Homing for the Trust, says, “There is an interesting story behind why there are so many black greyhounds. Several years ago there was a champion racing greyhound in Ireland called Top Honcho. Such was the demand for his racing genes that he is believed to have sired over 10,000 puppies. Black is the dominant gene and Top Honcho was a black dog. As a result, we now have to find homes for hundreds of black greyhounds each year.”

The Trust is using National Black Dog Day to highlight the plight of black dogs in need of a home, and to point out what wonderful family dogs greyhounds and lurchers can make.

“Black greyhounds and lurchers make wonderful, loving companion animals, just as their lighter-coloured canine friends do,” Emily says. “We affectionately refer to our greyhounds as the 40mph couch potato, as they really don’t need much exercise. Just a short walk each day is enough and they will quite happily spend the rest of the time snoozing on the sofa.”

Image by Forever Hounds Trust.


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