The November 2016 issue of Dogs Monthly is on sale today. Inside you’ll find…

Zen & the art of surviving firework night – Calming solutions and top tips to reduce firework fears
Miranda’s Heart Dog – Comedian and writer Miranda Hart on her beloved pooch, Peggy
“From hell to paradise” – The story of incredible Icey, this month’s cover star
Poppies for pets – How you and your dog can commemorate Remembrance Day
Leading the way – A look back at the first 12 months of Fitzpatrick Referrals cancer hospital
Breed focus – Alternative breeds for the Lhasa Apso
Make a T-shirt tug toy – New life for old clothes
Thrill of the chase – Managing your dog’s innate prey drive
Clowning around – The crazy, colourful world of a photographer and her ‘Derp dogs’
Not drowning but waving – Landie the Newfoundland rescues our news editor from the River Thames
The Cavalier’s champion – Meet the inspirational founder of the charity Cavalier Matters
Gooseberry jam – How to cope when your dog won’t share you with your partner
Secret diary of a dog trainer – Our undercover trainer reveals the truth of their trade
The HiLife Trophy – Meet this month’s nominees and find out how you and your buddy could be next
K9 Queries – Your questions answered by experts in their field on care, health, training, behaviour, insurance, grooming, breeding, puppy care, feeding and veterinary matters.

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