Basildon’s PDSA pet hospital recently treated a very special patient: Ziggy Trixx, the performing Staffie that captured the hearts of thousands with his tricks and stunts, becoming an ambassador for maligned Staffies everywhere.

Ziggy’s owner, Adem Basharan, noticed something was wrong when Ziggy tried and failed several times to urinate.

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-14-59-09“He kept trying and nothing came out, so I took him straight to the PDSA hospital,” Adem says. “It turned out he had two bladder stones. At first there was an attempt at flushing them out, but they were already lodged in his urethra, and he was taken straight to get surgery.”

Ziggy came out of it all with a wagging tail, but he’s going to need rest, which can be a problem for an energetic, three-year-old Staffie.

Adem says, “He’s never still, always bouncy, and he’s not too happy that he can’t get as many walks as before. And he really, really doesn’t like the cone!”

Full of energy and drive, Ziggy has come a long way since Adem began teaching a few tricks for fun. Other than his signature skateboard-riding stunt, Ziggy can also play dead, make handstands, do backflips and much, much more. In 2015 he was crowned Most Talented Dog at Superdogs Live, London Pet Show; he also appeared on Animals Unleashed quite recently, and took part to an adorable doggie commercial… on a skateboard, of course.

But his greatest trick of all is probably that of proving to everyone who meets him how loveable and misunderstood his breed is. A nanny at heart, Ziggy is the best possible playmate for Adem’s son – and never hesitates to give a paw when it comes to parenting duties.

Hopefully, Ziggy will be able to perform his tricks again very soon – but, until then, he can relax: his fans will be waiting.


[Dogs Monthly is currently fundraising for PDSA, so that they can keep providing beloved pets – famous or not! – with veterinary care. You can donate here.]


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