Finn, a seven-year-old German Shepherd Dog, was stabbed last week whilst pursuing a suspect in Stevenage who had allegedly robbed a taxi driver.

The heroic police dog was rushed to Roebuck vets in Stevenage where his wounds were dressed and he was stabilised before being transferred to Davies Veterinary Specialists (DVS) near Hitchin for emergency surgery.

The team worked to save Finn’s life after he sustained stab wounds to the head and chest. His handler PC Wardell sustained stab wounds to his hand.

DVS soft tissue surgeon Rob Adams (main image with Finn after surgery), who operated on Finn, said, “For legal reasons we cannot disclose the full extent of Finn’s injuries. We are however able to confirm multiple knife injuries were sustained to his head and chest involving several of his vital organs. Major surgical intervention was required including open chest surgery to save Finn’s life. Several drains were placed after surgery to manage the degree of trauma and contamination risk from the knife. The surgery went very well and Finn was transferred to intensive care for recovery.

“It is a testament to Finn’s incredible bravery, tenacity and loyalty to his handler, to know he continued to stand firm in the line of duty with no regard to the extent and severity of the injuries he suffered.”

Despite his ordeal, Finn is recovering very quickly and his wounds are healing well. He was discharged back into PC Wardell’s care to be reunited with his family at home three days after surgery. Finn and PC David Wardell have been part of Hertfordshire Constabulary’s Dog Support Unit for the past six years, helping to detain many suspects and locate missing people.

PC Wardell with Finn after surgery
PC Wardell with Finn after surgery

PC Wardell said, “Ive had Finn since he was about nine months old and weve been out on the street for just over six years together. Its just great to have him home. I knew he was in safe hands with Rob Adams but because of the extent of his injuries I was so worried I was going to lose him. Finns not only my loyal partner at work but hes also a part of our family. He has a home for life with me – I cant imagine life without him.”

Finn is now on strict rest for the next three to four weeks to allow his wounds and muscles to heal, with gradual rehabilitation exercise over the following month. He should be back on his paws by Christmas.


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