TV presenter and naturalist Chris Packham recently visited Blue Cross’s Southampton rehoming centre to meet some of the charity’s homeless dogs and also encourage owners to take part in this year’s Blue Cross Medal.

Animal lover Chris will be joining the panel of judges to choose the winner of this year’s Blue Cross Medal, which celebrates the important role pets play in our lives, from life-saving search and rescue dogs, to caring companion cats.

Talking about his beloved dogs Itchy and Scratchy, Chris explained the difference they make to his life, “The relationship that I have with my dogs is unlike any that I have with human beings – we have an incredible bond together. There are times when we all get pretty depressed and fed up, but my dogs have always been there for me at that time. They are always pleased to see me. I remember getting home being pretty miserable and the dogs would just lift my spirits and completely transform the way I felt. So Itchy and Scratchy, my two black miniature poodles are my absolute canine heroes.”

Chris appealed to owners to nominate their pets for the Blue Cross medal, “We want to know about your pet heroes, so please think about nominating your pet heroes for a Blue Cross Medal. You never know, they might just win, and then they’ll have something to hang around their neck which will let everyone know that they are the definitive pet hero.”

If you think your pet deserves recognition for their bravery or life-changing support, then nominate them before 31 October 2016. The Blue Cross Medal is open to pets that have done something brave, life-changing partnerships, assistance animals and serving or working animals. To nominate a pet and find out more, visit


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