Ten-year-old Sam desperately needs to loose half her weight as she searches for a new home. The plus sized pooch and her seven-year-old pal, Shih Tzu Buddy, arrived at Dogs Trust Manchester after becoming homeless when their owner could no longer give them the exercise they needed.

Sam, the terrier-cross, is too heavy to play and can only watch Buddy run and play with their new two-legged friends. At her first weigh-in, Sam tipped the scales at 30 kilogrammes and needs to lose around 15 kilogrammes, the equivalent of two Buddys, if she is to reach her target weight.

Sam needs to lose the equivalent weight of two of her perfectly proportioned best friend Buddy

Assistant Manager at Dogs Trust Manchester Rehoming Centre, Rebecca Smith, said, “Sam is a lovely sweet girl but she can’t really enjoy life as she is so overweight. When she’s out with Buddy she looks on longingly as he runs around and has lots of fun, but she simply can’t at the moment. It’s really sad to see but she’s now on a healthy diet and loves lots of short walks so she’s already shed a few pounds and we’re confident she’ll reach her ideal weight.”

Sam can only look on as her best pal Buddy has fun

The devoted duo are waiting for a forever home together where Sam can continue with her weight loss journey.

Rebecca says, “They need a family who can commit to getting a spring back in Sam’s step by keeping her on a healthy diet and making sure she has lovely short walks. They are a delightful pair, full of character, really affectionate and they adore cuddles.

“They both deserve to be able to get the most out of life which they will be able to do when Sam has got her trim figure back and they can run and play together.”

Sam has already shed a few pounds thanks to a new healthy diet and short walks

New figures from the British Veterinary Association saying that more than 60% of vets believe obesity is the biggest health and welfare concern for UK pets.

Dogs Trust Deputy Veterinary Director Runa Hanaghan adds, “Excess weight puts strain on a dog’s body, particularly the heart and joints, so it’s really important that every dog has regular exercise and isn’t over-fed. Any dog owner concerned about their dog’s health who wants their dog to lose weight should seek advice from a vet.”

Heading out with canine carer Keeley Brandeth. At the moment Sam can only manage short walks.

Sam and Buddy can live with children aged eight or over but need a cat-free home. If you would like to find out more call Dogs Trust on 0300 303 0292 or visit their website.

Credit: Dogs Trust


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