This week marks National Adoption Week (17 – 23 October) and Dogs Trust Manchester is calling on dog lovers not to forget about the dogs needing homes too.

Canine carers at the centre are seeking potential dog owners and foster carers to come forward and give a homeless dog the family he or she deserves.

The team has launched a social media campaign using the hashtag #ADogShone in a bid to find loving homes for the dogs in their care. #ADogShone is running throughout this week and featuring images of long-term residents at the Denton based Rehoming Centre. Supporters are also asked to join in and post pictures of their dogs to highlight the impact a happy home can have on a dog’s life.

If you’re not in a position to adopt on a permanent basis, Dogs Trust also offers a Home from Home Foster Scheme where dog lovers can experience the rewards of dog ownership on a temporary basis and give the homeless hounds a chance to experience life in a home environment.

Dawn Bishop, Rehoming Centre Manager for Dogs Trust Manchester, said, “We really hope to influence people’s perceptions with #ADogShone because it’s important that every dog gets to experience a loving home, no matter what age they are, what they look like or other circumstances which may cause them to be overlooked.

“Changing a dog’s life doesn’t just involve adopting them permanently, as our Home from Home foster scheme allows families to rehome dogs temporarily so they can experience what it’s like to be part of a family.”

They hope this week will bring good luck for nine-year-old Rottweiler, Daz, who has appeared on Dogs Monthly website once before and is still searching for his home.

Dawn says. “Daz has found himself homeless after sadly his owners couldn’t take him with them when they were moving house.

“He is a sensitive soul who loves a fuss, enjoys playing with cuddly toys and likes nice gentle walks. He’s really clever and has picked up all his basic commands including sit, paw and touch and we’ve been doing training with him to help him understand he can trust and have fun with new people.”

If you are interested in giving Daz a forever home, becoming a foster carer or would like to find out more visit their website.



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