Battersea Dogs & Cats Home sees a variety of homeless dogs walk through its doors each year, all with their own personalities and strange habits.

The charity has compiled a list of its quirkiest residents, starting with Ethel, the four-year-old Cavachon, who will be appearing on tonight’s episode of Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs at 8.30pm on ITV. Ethel has an odd habit of clambering up to the highest point of the room and watching the world go by. Her favourite place to be is perched on top of her chair, but she’s not the only eccentric dog.

Battersea Rehoming and Welfare Manager, Becky Fisher, said, “All our Battersea dogs have their own unique personalities, but sometimes we get some especially unconventional canine characters that really stand out. At the moment we’ve got some one-of-a-kind dogs at Battersea and we’re hoping someone out there will embrace their individuality and give these a-paw-able pooches? the home they deserve.”

Coco: the giant lapdog

Coco is hardly a small dog, but he still believes he’s a lapdog. Weighing in at over 27 kilos, this gentle giant finds his way onto the lap of anyone sitting too close. Coco was brought to Battersea after his owners’ circumstances changed and the nine-year-old mongrel is desperate to find a home.


Mo: the dog who likes to be tucked in at night

Mo, the four-year-old Jack Russell, had already captured the hearts of staff at battersea due to his pronounced overbite, giving him a unique look. But shy Mo also loves cuddles and enjoys nothing more than snuggling up under his special brown blanket. His blanket has been a real comfort to him as his feels a bit overwhelmed with life in the kennels and staff are hoping someone comes forward to him a forever home soon.


Tyler: the dog who does the Mexican wave

Eight-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Tyler has never been to Mexico but he loves to do the Mexican wave. Whenever he is happy or excited Tyler likes to sit on his back legs and throw his paws up in the air. His quirky habit has made him a firm favourite with staff who hope his quirky trick will win over a potential owner.



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