Dogs Trust Manchester celebrated its second birthday and over 1,800 dogs rehomed – including teeny Trudy, the ‘pocket Pap’ who weighted less than a bag of flour – by throwing a party for a special pup: Daisy, a deaf American Bulldog puppy.

The four-month-old pup was handed into Dogs Trust Manchester as the only ‘leftover’ of a litter, and the team is hoping she’ll find a forever home soon.

Dawn Bishop, Rehoming Centre Manager, says, “We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us. So many dogs are in loving homes thanks to everyone who has come to us to give a dog a second chance. We are now really hoping someone falls in love with Daisy soon, as she is really missing out not being in a home of her own.

“She is like any puppy – she loves to play with her toys, enjoys having a cuddle and is a really quick learner, taking in everything around her. Training her is very similar to training any dog and her focus is probably better than most as she doesn’t get distracted! She loves her food too and so was delighted to have first bite of the birthday cake!”


Daisy enjoyed a special treat, but she was not the only one: since the Dogs Trust Manchester Rehoming Centre opened in October 2014,  an estimated total of 6,000 packets of doggie treats have been enjoyed by their guests!

“People just walk into the centre with everything from toys and treats to tinned food, all of which is needed and thoroughly enjoyed by our dogs. We can have around 100 dogs here at any one time and we really couldn’t give them everything they need without the generosity of our supporters,” Dawn says. “So as well as saying a huge thank you to everyone who has been able to give a dog their forever home, we would like to thank everyone who has supported us by making donations.”

As for Daisy, hopefully her dashing looks and charming personality will win her a forever home – ideally one with owners who can give her the training a young puppy needs, and where she’s the only pampered pet, although she can live with children over 11 years of age. If you think you can be that owner, take a look here.

Images by Wendy Lovatt.


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