Autumn has spent the last four years searching for a place to call home.

Dogs Trust Leeds is making a rehoming appeal for the Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross who has been ignored by thousands and only gets one rehoming enquiry a year.

It’s not clear if Autumn has ever had a home as she was discovered heavily pregnant, wandering the streets on a wet and windy day in October 2012. Now facing her fifth year at the centre, staff can’t understand why Autumn has had so little interest compared to other dogs.

A few days after arriving Autumn gave birth to two healthy puppies and according to the team, was a great mum before both pups left for their forever homes just in time to welcome in 2013.

But their mother is still waiting for her special someone, 1,400 day later.

KJ Photography, Leeds
KJ Photography, Leeds

Amanda Sands, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Leeds, says, “It is so sad. On average about one person a year has asked about adopting her, which is incredible and we really don’t understand why.

“She may not be the cutest, fluffiest dog we’ve ever looked after but she’s is definitely one of the most loving and it’s heart-breaking that she doesn’t have her own family to shower with love.”

Autumn, who is now seven-years-old, is looking for an adult only home where she is the only pet ­but those aren’t unusual requirements and many dogs with the same needs of Autumn have been happily rehomed.

Amanda says, “She is genuinely a great dog. Once she knows you she adores you and is really affectionate, she is toy mad and has a great sense of fun, she loves rolling around in the grass, does lots of tricks and enjoys her walks. What more could anyone want from a dog?

“There’s really no reason why she won’t make a wonderful companion for someone and when that day comes it will be the happiest of goodbyes. We are so used to her being here we will really miss her and no doubt walk past her kennel expecting to see her for many months after she has gone.”

KJ Photography, Leeds
KJ Photography, Leeds

Autumn would suit a home in a quieter area and as she’s been in kennels for so long she will need to have someone around a lot of the time until she settles into her new home.

If you think you could offer Autumn the perfect home she has been waiting for, visit the Dogs Trust website for more information or call 0300 303 0292.

Photo credit: KJ Photography, Leeds 


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