Popeye, a tiny crossbreed, didn’t have the best start in life: wandering streets of Los Angeles and eating scraps to get by, he was skin and bone when he was found by Ivy Diep in 2014. That meeting was the end of his misfortune. Unable to find his owners, and unable to find him new ones, Ivy and her husband couldn’t turn their back to him, and adopted him.

Now a pampered, beloved pet, he accompanies Ivy everywhere – including her ‘instagram dates’, where she and a friend try different restaurants in LA and Instagram pictures of their food. Soon Ivy realised that Popeye was wonderfully polite at the table, and would pose with food without trying to eat it, which resulted in adorable images.


Encouraged by her friend, Ivy created an Instagram account dedicated to Popeye’s foodie adventures, which is now close to 120,000 followers. Here are a few more adorable pictures – to see even more, follow the link!





Images by Ivy Diep.


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