Is playing ‘fetch’ beginning to feel a little tedious? Variety really is the spice of life and this applies to our pooches too!

We caught up with the team at to tell us about the best apps available to keep dogs and their owners entertained.

Map My Dog Walk – iOS and Android

Providing motivation to get fit and take your dog on some great walks, Map My Dog Walk allows you to log walkies and track your calories.

Using GPS, the app is able to calculate the duration, distance, pace, speed and elevation of your walk. The app syncs to your computer so you can even gloat to all your friends by sharing your stats on Twitter or via email.

Once you have finished a walk, simply hit the sync button and keep your profile up to date by visiting

Twindog – iOS and Android

Formerly knows as ‘Tindog’ after ‘Tinder’, the well-known dating app for humans, Twindog is the first mobile matchmaking app designed for both dogs and their owners.

This app provides the perfect platform to locate and meet fellow dog owners in the area for fun and friendship.

Like ‘Tinder’, simply swipe left to pass on a pooch and right to show your interest in meeting up for a doggie double date.

Whistle – iOS and Android

Whistle is the perfect tracking app to monitor the whereabouts of your dog, no matter where you are.

Using a Tagg pet tracker, Whistle allows owners to locate their pet in real time and sends an alert to their phone, if their pet leaves its designated safe area.

The app also comes with a pet health monitoring service that can help set customised activity goals based on your dog’s breed, weight and age. You’ll certainly be in your vet’s good books!

Instagram – iOS and Android

With the hashtag ‘#dogstagram’ now surpassing more than 23 million images of pups from across the globe, Instagram has become the go-to tool for owners to share pictures and updates about their most-loved pooches.

Want to get your dog or puppy noticed? Here are a couple of top tips:

• Lighting is key. If you’re indoors, be sure to take your photos in a well-lit place (ideally somewhere with soft lighting).

• Jump on the hashtags. These are crucial to achieving those ‘double-taps’ (likes) and subsequent new followers to your page. Popular hashtags include ‘#weeklyfluff’, ‘#dogsofinstagram’ and ‘#dogscorner’.

For some inspiration, be sure to check out ‘itsdougthepug’ – Doug is perhaps the world’s most well known pug, amassing over 2.2 million followers and he recently appeared on Good Morning America!

Dog Translator – iOS

Ever wondered what your pet is really thinking? Look no further than the Dog Translator.

A ‘Dog-to-English’ translator, this app is simple to use:

• Press the “Translate Bark’ button to begin the recording.
• Hold the device near to your chatty chum.
• The display will reveal your dog’s message in plain English – magic!

While the Dog Translator is intended for entertainment purposes only, and may not accurately reflect your dog’s emotions at all times, we still love to imagine what our mutt might be thinking anyway.

For more information about the most popular phones and apps, visit

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