Since winning this summer’s Big Brother, Jason Burrill, 45, has been very busy. Apart from starring a new Hollywood film The Dark Return of Time alongside, he’s also showing his support for UK charity, K-9 Angels.

Jason flew to Romania with the charity to assist on the front line of their dog rescue mission. He says, “I really wanted to rescue dogs myself, but with so many commitments in America coming up I realised my time would be much more valuable to the charity in trying to raise awareness for their programme.

“There’s one dog I fell in love with, his name is Alfie and I really need to find him a home. He’s been playing on my mind ever since seeing him in the Romanian dog pound, we’ve moved him to the K9 Angels small private shelter but I really want to find him a loving home since the shelter is already full of dogs that the K-9 Angels help.”

Since setting up the charity, founders Victoria Eisermann and Pola Pospieszalska and a small team of dedicated volunteers have built a dog rescue shelter, rehomed over 800 dogs, spayed and neutered over 3,000 dogs and started a UK school tour to educate children about responsible pet care as well as raising £100,000’s to save homeless dogs.

Jason adds, “A young lady told us that she had found a box of puppies in a bin, I didn’t think situations like that really happened, but when we got there we saw three puppies around two weeks old each in a cardboard box. They had just been left to die in the street.

“Your emotions are really varied, you go from being shocked at seeing the situation first hand, to feeling sad for the puppies looking so helpless, then anger towards the person who has done this to them.”

 Victoria and Pola are delighted with the support of their Third Angel Jason, “Jason helped us a great deal while we were away and as a genuine dog lover who wants to help animals we are thrilled to have his support. He is a really super guy so it’s no surprise that he won Big Brother too.”

For more information, visit their website.


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