A new health monitoring device aims make a difference to pets and owners everywhere. Owners can’t be with their pets at all times and sometimes it’s difficult to notice subtle changes in your dog or cat’s behaviour.

Felcana is designed by vets to monitor your pet’s health, activities and behaviour and provide vets with important information for a more accurate and earlier diagnoses. It can also reassure owners that their pet is fit.

Credit: Felcana
Credit: Felcana

The device includes three core components:

  • Helix, a smart device that attaches to any cat or dog’s collar and constantly monitors pet behaviour and activity.
  • Micro-location beacons which can be placed in any location and detect where your pet is and where they have been
  • Home Hub is the Helix’s charging station, range extender, and your pet’s data nest

Dr James Andrews, vet and inventor of Felcana, said, “As vets we can struggle to get the low down from our canine and feline friends. Even the most devoted owner can’t answer every single question we might have. Felcana sheds light on clinical blind spots, providing hard data for vets and peace of mind for owners. We don’t have to ask how much water a dog is drinking, we know. It means quicker, more certain treatment.”

As a vet himself, James realised there was a significant gap in information when diagnosing pets. His start-up based in London will soon be coming to crowdfunding site Kickstarter to help spread the word and gather support from the animal loving community.

Credit: Felcana

Owners can access the information in the Felcana app and find out what their pet has been up to whilst they were apart, how active their pet is, as well as receive alerts indicating unusual behaviour or signs of illness and could indicate signs of diseases, such as diabetes and arthritis.

Mr Ian Stroud BVSC MRCVS, a practising veterinary surgeon and owner of Vet4Life veterinary clinics, said, “Data in veterinary practice will be so important in the future. We need to know this information. It makes all the difference for our assessment of how cases are progressing, and if there are problems in the first place.”

For more information visit their website or their Kickstarter page.


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