A pug with a sad past as a breeding bitch has become a mother again – to three kittens.

Peppa the Pug came to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in April as a stray, showing all the signs of having had several litters of puppies and with an infection to her mammary glands. After surgery she was fostered by Louise Taylor, Battersea Canine Behaviourist and Training Advisor – who, in the end, adopted her.

Louise is now fostering three two-weeks-old kittens – Conker, Pickle and Pumpkin – who were abandoned by their mother right after birth. They were only a day old when they came into Battersea’s care, and required around-the-clock care and feeding. From the very start, Peppa was determined to do her part and has become the kittens’ surrogate mother.

Louise said, “We knew Peppa had been a mother before and she’s a natural. She won’t let Conker, Pickle and Pumpkin out of her sight and is constantly washing them and making sure they’re all clean. It’s been lovely to see the four of them together, especially knowing these three kittens had such an unlucky start in life.”

There is no knowing what happened to Peppa’s litters of puppies; we can only hope they all found loving homes. As for her feline charges, they all have homes ready for them once they’re old enough to leave the nest. Until then, they’re happy to spend their time curled up next to their new mum.

Image by Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.


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