After performing on the National Lottery Live and Strictly’s show It Takes Two, platinum-selling singer songwriter Rumer has announced a concert to launch her new album This Girl’s in Love: A Bacharach and David Songbook to raise funds and awareness for life saving medical research.

With the launch of her latest album in Leeds, Rumer is hoping to help medical experts, patients and MPs keep the spotlight on the Government’s unjustifiable decision to overturn four years of planning refusals, and now permit Yorkshire-based B&K Universal to breed around 2,000 laboratory Beagles annually. Profits raised by the concert will go to the science-based campaign For Life On Earth (FLOE), which opposes animal testing purely on human medical and scientific grounds.

Says Rumer, “As an animal loving nation with some of the best animal welfare laws in the world, we are all appalled by reports of the heinous dog meat trade in Asia, but many are still unaware of the shocking mistreatment of dogs permitted in our own United Kingdom. I want to perform a concert in Leeds, to highlight the plight of the Yorkshire Beagles and to hold a candle for all of these beautiful innocent dogs in labs, and human patients too. I am passionate about supporting FLOE and MPs who are calling for a thorough and fair science debate hearing, to show that such terrible cruelty to dogs is now proven to be stuck in 19th century obsolete science, draining valuable funding away from valid, up-to-date human-based medical research.”

Rumer with her dog Alfie
Rumer with her dog Alfie

To date, 130 MPs have signed four Early Day Motions calling for a thorough public scientific debate hearing, to prove that animal experiments are not capable of predicting the responses of human patients.

Louise Owen, founder of FLOE adds, “We have now entered the age of personalised medicine, where human-based treatments are designed for each patient’s unique genetic profile. Current leading experts in the wider scientific community – outside the vested interests –  agree that animal testing unequivocally fails patients, but an out dated 70 year old law has not kept pace with advances in biological understanding, so animal tests continue despite their proven invalidity. Scientists who continue to falsely claim that animal experiments advance human medicine are accountable to the public, and should not be allowed to continue to resist participating in the science hearing called for by MPs.”

Rumer’s concert will take place at The Church, Leeds on Friday 25 November. More information on her website.


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