Sabrina Goodman, 35, from Allenton, knew something was wrong with her beloved Sheba when she kept trying and failing to urinate every few minutes. The 12-year-old crossbreed was clearly in serious discomfort, so Sabrina took her to the PDSA Derby Pet Hospital, where x-rays detected the biggest bladder stone the staff had ever seen.

PDSA senior vet Aimee Labbate said, “We couldn’t believe the sheer size of the bladder stone and it was no wonder Sheba was in a great deal of pain. The team at the hospital had never seen anything quite like it before!”

the-bladder-stone-removed-from-shebaSheba was immediately taken in for surgery, as the stone could have entirely blocked the bladder and caused a potentially fatal rupture.

“The life-threatening stone was over 7cm wide – bigger than a large bar of soap – and was completely whole when we removed it. It’s very rare for a stone to stay intact as they normally fragment,” Aimee said.

Sheba has since fully recovered from the operation, to her family’s relief.

“She’s a member or the family and the kids absolutely adore her,” Sabrina said. “So we were all completely devastated to find out how serious it could have been if the stone wasn’t detected and removed.”

As for the stone, it was sent in for analysis, as the PDSA vets are hoping to use the results to prescribe a special diet for Sheba, so that no more stones like this can form in her bladder.

Aimee said, “Bladder stones can be a difficult condition to diagnose as there is no real explanation as to why they form in the first place, although a pets’ diet does have a role to play.”

Images by PDSA.


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