When Pamela Alvarez went to pick up her beloved Mika, an eight-year-old crossbreed, from the Mexico City airport, she was given the worst possible news: her dog had disappeared. According to the airline, Interjet, her crate was accidentally dropped during transport in the Benito Juárez International Airport, and Mika had fled.

The low-cost airline has now launched a search for the missing dog called #BuscandoaMika – ‘looking for Mika’ – and is offering a reward of 5,000 pesos (£195) for her return.

Some are however expressing concern that Mika may have been stolen to be sold on. A passenger who had their dog delivered at the same airport – although by a different airline – has said that, while the dog was given to them, the expensive kennel he had travelled into was stolen. Interjet has pledged not to stop looking until Mika is found.

“Interjet recognised the importance of pets, and their value in the lives of their owners,” the company has said in a statement. “Despite our efforts and the joint work with her owner, at the moment we have been unable to find Mika. Until then we’ll keep working to find her with all the means at our disposal. We’d be grateful for any information that might help us find her.”


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