Two more French Bulldogs have been found abandoned with serious skin issues, after the sad discovery of two puppies in a cardboard box in South Wales. The pair, both male adults around three years of age, were found in Burton park, Stapenhill Gardens, on Friday 25 November.

RSPCA inspector Nicola Johnson said, “It is obvious from the state of the dogs that they have been suffering for some time. Their skin conditions and fur loss are so severe that it is difficult to say for certain what colour the dogs are. They were in a despicable condition, but thankfully they are now getting the care and attention that they need.”

Keith and Albert, as they have been since named, were both without a microchip and had overgrown claws in addition to the skin disease. One of them had such overgrown claws that they curled under his pads, which would have made it painful for him to walk – if he were ever walked at all, that is. The RSPCA believes it possible that they were used for breeding in a puppy farm prior to being left to fend for themselves: the French Bulldog’s status as a ‘fashionable’ breed means that more and more of these dogs are bred by unscrupulous breeders to make easy money without a care for the dogs’ welfare.

“Keith and Albert clearly haven’t been cared for properly for a long time,” Nicola said. “Neither of them have been neutered and therefore we can’t rule out the fact that they have been used for breeding and then dumped when they were no longer needed.”

Sadly, if the RSPCA’s suspects are correct, it is highly likely that Keith and Albert’s puppies will be among those sold to the unsuspecting public this Christmas season. In order to avoid fuelling this cruel trade, follow these guidelines when buying a puppy and always think twice before gifting someone a puppy for Christmas. As Dogs Trust put it, #GiveSocksNotDogs.

Image by RSPCA.


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