The search for Mika, the eight-year-old crossbreed who escaped from her crate at the airport and became lost in Mexico City, didn’t last long in the end: she was quickly reunited with her relieved owner, Pamela Álvarez, as the story kept going viral: the hashtag for the search #BuscandoaMika, launched by low-cost airline Interjet, soon became a Twitter trending topic in Mexico.

“Mika has reappeared! Thanks to everyone’s help in sharing this, Mika is back with Pamela!”, Interjet tweeted. Needless to say, Pamela was ecstatic  to be reunited with her beloved dog.

“Mika is back with her family, and her story has taught us a great lesson,” Interjet later tweeted. Mika was reportedly lost due to an accident in which her crate fell during transport, allowing her to run off. There is little doubt that, after this scare, the company will do its best to keep anything similar from happening again.



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