A new survey, conducted by animal health organisation NOAH, has revealed 40% of pet owners confess to loving their pet more than their partner.

Out of 1,000 owners who took part, almost half (47%) told the organisation that they would be more upset not to see their pet for two weeks compared with their partner and when it comes to a cuddle on the sofa, nearly 4 in 10 pet owners admitted they would rather snuggle with their pet than their partner. A third also said they feel they compete with their partner for their pet’s affection.

The survey was part of their I Heart My Pet Campaign (IHMP), now in its third year, which aims to encourage owners to seek expert advice on keeping their pets happy and healthy all year round via and by working with vets and pet experts.

NOAH Chief Executive, Dawn Howard, comments, “While these are light-hearted findings that many owners can laugh about and relate to, there’s a serious message at the heart of our research and that is that as a nation we care deeply about our pets and they’re a huge priority for us. It’s heartening to see that we care so much and we’d encourage owners to make the most of these fantastic relationships with their pets by making sure that their healthcare needs are met at all times. This means seeking expert, independent advice from veterinary and pet professionals to make sure that not only are they treated quickly and effectively when they’re sick, but also that they are having regular check-ups and preventative treatments to stop them becoming sick in the first place.”

Other findings showed almost a third (30%) trust other pet owners more than non-pet owners and 29% think their pet is a good judge of character. Surprisingly, over 1 in 10 owners would choose someone with a pet for a job over someone without if they were recruiting for a role.

You can download NOAH’s seasonal healthcare planner from their website.


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