Deciding on the kind of food to feed your dog is an important responsibility. Like humans, dogs need nutritious, good-quality food to ensure continued health, vitality, energy and freedom from disease or health conditions.

There is a wide range of commercially prepared dog food that you can easily purchase for your pet, so how will you know which one would be ideal? It helps to take the following factors into consideration:

Your vet’s advice

Whether you are taking home a puppy or an older dog as a pet, one of the first things you should do is to take her to the vet for a thorough checkup. The vet will be able to assess your pet’s health and determine any existing health conditions that you should be mindful of (you can also gather some of this information from the people you adopted your pet from).

In addition, your vet can provide some general information that is specific to your dog’s breed; you may, for example, have adopted an active working dog, or one that is more used to living in apartments with low levels of activity. Each pet would have different dietary needs.

Your observations of your dog’s reactions to different foods

After having brought your dog home for some time, you would already have an idea of which foods your dog likes and which ones she simply ignores. Like people, some dogs can have preferences when it comes to certain ingredients, so pick foods that contain ingredients that your dog naturally likes.

Some dogs may be intolerant of some ingredients; others develop sensitivities. If you discover that your dog becomes gassy, her hair begins to fall out, she keeps scratching her itchy skin, or develops red bumps all over her body, take a closer look at the foods she is eating and inform your vet — the dog may be allergic to a specific protein, or may only be able to tolerate small amounts per day or per meal. Knowing this can help you pick out dog food that is safe for her to eat.

Your budget

Finally, the price of food can help point you to the right dog food for your pet. If you can afford premium dog food and it’s safe for your pet to eat, then you can certainly choose these brands. If you work with a smaller budget, there are less expensive brands that can be just as nutritious and satisfying for your pet. It’s still all about determining which food is the healthiest and tastiest for your pet.

About the author: Sam Buddy is a pet owner and a freelance writer. He feels a special connection with his pets and treats them as part of his family. He even brings his dog with him every time he travels. He visits sites like In fact, he spends most of his time learning and sharing informative content about pets.

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