North-West rescue service Pendle Dogs in Need, have warned the public that many dogs are at risk of death due to a lack of space in kennels after an increasing number of ‘Christmas-present-pets’ are dumped in the run up to the 25th and beyond. The charity expects the situation to only worsen over the festive period after they received 7 dogs in one week rather than the usual one or two. One incident saw an American bulldog by the name of Freya who was also a new mother, left to die as she was tied to a stone and tragically abandoned. The manager of Pendle Dogs in Need is Paula Knowles who has spoken out against those thinking of buying puppies as ‘gifts’ for Christmas, asking that the public delay purchasing a new puppy till after the Christmas period finishes. The situation is quite alarming, as Knowles alludes to:

“Every year we get the pre-Christmas dumping. They come in thick and fast after being dumped all over the area. The phones have not stopped ringing. We are in crisis and it is getting scary. It is getting to the point where if this carries on we do not know what we are going to do. Dogs are going to die”

Sadly, yet unsurprisingly, dogs who have been abandoned have also suffered forms of abuse, with two dogs tied up to die in the cold on local farmland as well as a Bullmastiff crossbreed by the name of Clyde who was found with sores all over his body, again left by the side of the road to freeze to death in the outskirts of Burnley. The real sadness lies in the fact that Miss Knowles and her organisation are unable take many more dogs in, with the knowledge that spaces will be in high demand after Christmas when the annual drop off of unwanted puppies occurs – a problem the dog society is all too aware of as uncommitted and irresponsible owners take them on board ‘just for Christmas’; disregarding the sometimes chaotic nature of the festive period and the unsuitable environment it creates when taking on board a new dog.

The charitable organisation has continued to co-ordinate rescues all over the country with one incident seeing the transportation of a dog to the Orkney Islands due to such constraints on already limited spaces. The problem this year has seemed to revolve around bull breeds which often come in entirely untrained.

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Image Courtesy of Pendle Dogs In Need. 


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