If you haven’t heard of the Mannequin Challenge yet where have you been? It involves filming a group of people staying perfectly still in sometimes humorous poses. Some of the greatest videos so far have involved man’s best friend and we’ve compiled a list of our favourite for you to enjoy.

Molly and Tilly Staffies’ video went viral after their owner shared their video to Facebook. In the video the three Staffies stand in multiple poses, including pushing a pushchair, playing video games and balancing treats on their nose. Can any other dogs top this?

Ralfi, the Jack Russell x Whippet, shows us it’s not difficult.

This Boxer wanted to show off his mannequin skills as well.

Greg Baskwell’s rescue Finley takes the challenge to another level.


Celebrity’s dogs have also been taking part in the challenge. Enrique Iglesias posted this video to Instagram of his dog taking part in the challenge…or has he fallen asleep?

my #dog is ready for the #mannequinchallenge

A post shared by Enrique Iglesias (@enriqueiglesias) on

If your dog has taken part in the challenge, we’d love to see! Tweet us the video @DogsMonthly or post to our Facebook page.


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