julianbrownpictures.wordpress.com Picture by Julian Brown for the PDSA Jake the Springer Spaniel

An inquisitive six-month-old Cocker Spaniel called Jake needed surgery after accidentally swallowing the squeaker of his favourite toy.

“Jake was playing with his favourite soft toy when he ripped it apart and pulled the squeaker out,” said owner Joanne Rose. “I did my best to get him to drop it but within seconds he swallowed it whole!”

Instead of squeezing him, Joanne took Jake to Blackpool’s PDSA pet hospital, where x-rays confirmed he was in need of surgery to remove the squeaker before it could cause fatal tears or blockage in the pup’s intestine.


PDSA Vet, Terry Ogdin, said, “Luckily, Joanne acted quickly and rushed him to PDSA before the squeaker had time to reach the intestines and cause any damage.

“During the festive period, it’s important to stop and think before giving your pet a toy that might be easily swallowed.jake-rose-swallowed-the-sqeaker-of-his-favourite-toy-and-required-life-s To help avoid this from happening, owners should give their pets dog-specific, durable toys that won’t come apart easily. These should be an appropriate size for the dog to prevent swallowing or choking. If toys and chews are starting to look worn, it’s best to discard them straight away.

“Training pets from a young age and using kind, reward-based methods to teach them basic commands such as ‘drop’ and ‘leave’ can help pets avoid swallowing harmful objects.”

Jake’s operation was a success, and the pup was back home with Joanne the very next day – probably wondering where his squeaky toy went.

Images by PDSA.


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