We’re now officially in winter, and although the chances of us having a ‘white Christmas’ are slim, our dogs can still get uncomfortable in the cold, particularly slimmer shorthaired breeds and senior dogs. The PDSA have provided some tips as part of their seasonal advice.

Dogs still need exercise but it’s recommended you stick to day light hours. If this isn’t possible:

  • Keep your dog on a lead unless in a totally traffic-free area
  • Wear reflective clothing and carry a torch
  • Get your dog some reflective clothing too with a glowing/flashing lead and collar

As the temperature drops, make sure you:

  • Towel dry your dog as soon as you get home or use a hairdryer on a low setting held some distance away. Keep the hairdryer moving as you would for yourself
  • Consider getting a winter coat for dogs with thin, fine hair, or those that are getting older, or those suffering with joint problems
  • Prevent snowballs from forming by trimming the hair between your dog’s toes or training him or her to wear doggie boots

Do not leave your dog outside in freezing temperatures for long periods of time and do not leave your dog in the car. Even a few minutes in the cold can cause hypothermia.


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