Credit: Agape Fosters/Facebook

An abandoned Labrador cross was struggling to find a forever home due to one unusual reason: she had a strange smile.

Aptly named Smiley, the dog came into the care of Agape Fosters in Iowa after being abandoned in an outdoor pen when her owners moved. She’s found it difficult to win over any potential adopters, despite her fosterers describing her as a “sweet” dog, because her smile keeps getting confused with an aggressive snarl.

Credit: Agape Fosters/Facebook

Dodo posted a video online of the misunderstood pooch which was shared over 66,000 times and soon the offers came flooding in to adopt Smiley from all over the country.

Keen to find an adopter in Iowa, Agape Fosters whittled down the responses and yesterday posted to their Facebook page, “Agape Fosters sweet Smiley has been adopted! She was first featured on the wildly popular Facebook page the Dodo and had quite a following. They then posted a video of her and her beautiful smile and need for a home. That took off and after millions of views and hundreds of inquires, a wonderful home in Iowa was chosen.

“She had been abandoned in an outdoor pen when people moved, she eventually ended up with us and now hopefully has found her happily ever after. Thank you to all those who enjoyed her smile and inquired about her.”

Credit: Agape Fosters/Facebook

We hope Smiley finally gets the home she deserves!


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