No one could have predicted that Liz and Phil would become inseparable when they arrived at Dogs Trust Leeds.

Both dogs were found separately wandering the streets and given their condition, the team suspect they had been without a home for some time.

But despite this, staff say from the moment they set eyes on each other they became inseparable, just like their royal namesakes. Now they are waiting to head off to their forever home – hopefully together. 

Phil and Liz are inseparable and enjoying receiving the royal treatment whilst they wait for a forever home together.

Amanda Sands, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Leeds, says, “This has never happened before, that two dogs that arrived as strays separately but on the same day, have literally become best buddies from the moment they met. Phil in particular was in quite a bad condition and really lacked confidence, but as soon as he met Liz he became a different dog!

“When we saw they got on so well, we put them together in a kennel so they could keep each other company and now the only time their tails stop wagging is when they are snuggled up together having a sleep!”

The doggie duo have come on leaps and bounds in the short time they’ve been at the Rehoming Centre and now the team are hoping they can find them a forever home together.

Liz and Phil came in as strays but are now a devoted duo. Canine Carer Becky Ellis is pictured preparing to take them for a walk together.

Amanda says, “They are a perfect match, but although they’d like to enjoy a few doggie luxuries in life, such as a comfy sofa, they would prefer just the one residence, not several like their royal namesakes!

“We’re really hoping that we can find some Lurchers fans out there who want to take on two canine companions who deserve to lead a long and happy life together.”

If you think you could offer Liz and Phil their ideal home, call the centre on 0300 303 0292 or visit them at Woodlands Farm, York Road, Leeds, LS15 4NL. You can also find out more at

Credit: Dogs Trust


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