Are you and your four-legged friend detoxing after an overindulgent Christmas?

You’re not alone as a survey, conducted by tailor-made pet food provider, has found more than half (57%) of Brits are detoxing with their dog this month. Among the top New Year’s resolutions were turning daily walks into daily runs and cutting back on unhealthy treats.

Two out of five dog owners (42%) said they were more likely to eat better if their dog is eating healthily too and half (51%) find it easier to rise out of bed for their run when woken by their furry friend.

One duo starting the year with a healthier lifestyle is Morwen, 46, and her Sharpei, Didi. Morwen says, “I’ve tried so many fad diets and exercise regimes over the years, but can never manage to stick with them. I then feel guilty for feeding my unhealthy food as scraps for Didi which I know is so bad for him. Since getting Didi involved in my day to day routine and cutting back on the amount of treats I feed him (and myself) we’ve both been doing really well and it’s made the world of difference to my motivation.”

The survey also revealed that 53% of the 1,000 owners question would prefer to run with their dog than their partner and three quarters (72% per cent) said that exercising with man’s best friend has helped to reduce stress and anxiety.

Dr. Samantha Ware, lead nutritionist at, comments, “At the start of the New Year we commonly seek out ways to live a healthier lifestyle, and we can really improve our health by getting out and about with our dogs. It’s also important to not only think about our own diets, but to make sure our dogs are getting all the nutrients they need too. The easiest way to do that is through a tailor-made blend that is suited to their dietary needs.”

Top five resolutions owners follow with their dogs: 

  • Cutting back on unhealthy treats
  • Turning daily walks into daily runs
  • Teaching new tricks or commands
  • Taking their dog to places they can run off the lead more
  • Spending more time outdoors

If you’re doing a ‘doggie detox’, has also provided some top tips on how to get your into shape, on their blog.



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