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On Sunday 29th Jan over 45 campaigners over the course of the day attended a peaceful candlelit vigil with flowers, speeches, a minute’s silence and a wreath laying ceremony in honour of all victims of the puppy farm trade. The vigil was held at Leeds Civic Hall and later outside Dogs4Us, a pet shop that sells puppies from puppy farms. The aim of the vigil, organised by anti-puppy farming campaign group Boycott Dogs4Us, was to call on Leeds Council to end the sale of puppies in pet shops (and by other third-party dealers) in Leeds.

The sale of puppies in pet shops and by other third-parties allows the true source of puppies to be hidden from the end purchaser. The source of these puppies is invariably puppy farms, large commercial breeders with exceptionally poor animal welfare standards. Leeds Council has the legal power to prevent pet shops and third-party dealers in Leeds from selling puppies and the campaigners hope to persuade them to do so.

Special messages were read out from; Marc Abraham, celebrity TV vet, dog welfare champion and founder of Pup Aid; Lisa Garner, guardian of Lucy the Rescue Cavalier who sadly passed away recently leaving the whole of the dog world in mourning; and Linda Goodman, founder of leading anti-puppy farm campaign group, C.A.R.I.A.D.

The event also called for a national ban on the sale of puppies in pet shops and by other third-party dealers. Following the lobbying efforts of PupAid and C.A.R.I.A.D the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee has recommended such a ban and the Committee are now awaiting a Government response.

In a message read out on the day, Marc Abraham said, “Never before has the subject of puppy farming been so talked about; in the national news, local news, online..” adding “the first step in ending puppy farming is to ban third party sales – that’s basically pups sold away from their mums – from pet shops, garden centres, private individuals advertising online posing as breeders, etc.”

About the Author: Aran Mathai is Chairman and Founder of Boycott Dogs4Us. Find out more about the campaign at

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  1. Can you confirm if Little Rascals is a legitimate business? They claimed to have the license for animal breeders. They do look suspicious and it doesn’t feel right.


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