With January finally out of the way, and February being the shortest month, many are already dreaming of spring. Some more practical dreamers are already making plans for their garden. For dog owners, gardening can be especially tricky: not only could they see their hard work undone by an enthusiastic digger – as terrier owners know all too well! – but they also need to be mindful of the needs and safety of their pets.

While a garden can be heaven for your dog to enjoy, there are often hidden dangers: according to a survey of dog and cat owners in Britain, 43 percent of pets have needed urgent care after eating poisonous plants or flowers. Many can be found in public places like parks, in which case the owners can only be watchful, but it’s best to avoid planting these dangers at home.

Compost and garden supplies retailer, Compost Direct, created a useful infographic to help educate pet owners on how to create a pet-friendly garden without risks – turning it into a true slice of paradise both dog and owner can enjoy.



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